Who is amy adams dating

"There are a lot of women out there like me," she nods."I think it's something that's more fun to discover than to put out there." It's this immaculate image that makes people so fascinated by the fact that Adams once worked as a scantily clad hostess for the notoriously trashy US restaurant chain Hooters.

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I want something very family oriented and laid-back.Amy Adams is most famous for playing wide-eyed innocents whose sunny outlook enriches the lives of those around her.Just think of toothy Brenda in Catch Me If You Can, heavily pregnant Ashley in Junebug and, of course, Giselle the misplaced princess in 2007's modern twist on a Disney fairytale, Enchanted.This was back when I was blonde and wore a lot of miniskirts.He actually used the line from Legally Blonde where he said I was more of a Marilyn than a Jackie O." A natural blonde, Adams became a redhead five years ago on the advice of Junebug director Phil Morrison and has never looked back.

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