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Initially the man was very loud and and it was difficult for the police to understand him and deal with the problem. Steven John Hooke, aged 64, calmed himself down before giving a statement to police.In the statement, he told police that he had been drinking alone in a small beer bar on Pattaya Beach Road.Aussie Man attacked by gang of Thai’s At around am on June 12th, an Aussie man entered Pattaya police station to make a report after he was attacked by a group of Thai’s.Entering the station, it was clearly visible that he had had an accident or been attacked in some way due to the injuries on his face and body.To be honest, my night images of Nana Plaza are dated.I think I took them in 2005, but I still love keeping them online as most of the bars are still the same and the feel for this raunchy place has remained on same level.

It's reasonably fair to say: there are a lot of hot and sexy Indian girls and mixed races around.When hookers and sideline models pose nude it's not a scandal, but Natt Chanapa was a well known celebrity at that time.Today, her sex scandals have been forgotten, but her movies and nude photos are still online.He started to feel tired , so paid his bill and left the bar.Whilst walking home, he told police that he was attacked out of the blue by a gang of Thai’s.

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