Victorian england dating etiquette

(After all, what could he possibly know about the important business of running a home?

Volunteering and charity work were almost entirely under female control.New technologies were being developed every single day, and when they first came out, the older generations often didn't have a clue how to deal with them. Rules like "Never introduce disgusting or unpleasant topics for conversation [when eating]" and "Never pick the teeth or clean the nails in company" outline the basics of how our society expects people to act.But Victorian etiquette guides went far beyond this.In nearly every case she will be found a most valuable advisor when she understands all your circumstances." At the same time, men were ordered very sternly to stay out of women's business: "Do not be dictatorial in the family circle. It is her right to govern and direct its interior management...[Do not] interfere with the duties which legitimately belong to her." A man who meddled with women's authority in the home and private sphere was called a "Betty" and women derided him as a nuisance and a fool.

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