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I did this because I wanted more flexibility, so that I’m able to not only validate rich business objects, but also validate simple bindings.

[Parents] are actually able to check out the boyfriend or girlfriend, and they only permit [sleepovers] when they like and have gotten to know them.

teens are more likely to use drugs than the Dutch, even though there are more liberal policies [in the Netherlands].

But if you expect self-control and give people an opportunity to exercise it, you might get more of it.

Growing up, I had not known of anyone [getting] pregnant.[The Dutch] say, ‘We permit so we can control,’ and that’s also their attitude toward drugs and prostitution.

That idea of, ‘It’s actually a form of control,’ is for most people in the U.

Data binding is one of the most powerful and important capabilities in WPF applications for building data-driven, loosely coupled, maintainable applications.

Just as we have a lack of language to talk about togetherness, there’s also a desire for more of it, I think.

In this course you will learn how to leverage all the features of data binding and will learn enough to feel comfortable tackling everything from simple to complex data binding scenarios.

You'll learn about what kinds of data sources you can work with, all the features that the Bindings themselves support, and how to use Data Templates to provide a custom, reusable XAML rendering of your data objects.

You'll learn how to use design time features in Visual Studio to generate data bound UIs or hook up existing ones, and you'll learn how to use the validation features to validate input data and present errors to the user.

Along the way, you'll see some demos that use the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern and others that do not so you can see the power of data binding regardless of the UI patterns that you follow.

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