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Peterson suggests that older women in particular consider asking for help. "If you are online and you are getting a photo, an unrealistic photo, from someone who is professing their love for you in two days, what is your gut telling you? The following is a real event that has been re-written from the original for clarity with names changed to protect those who were willing to come forward…"I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my own family members safe." The grandparent scam is also prevalent these days.In this kind of scam, a fraudster calls and says "it's your favorite grandchild" or something of the kind.It is also working with the American Bar Association to develop a continuing legal education program on financial fraud and the elderly.You can also take steps to protect yourself against financial fraud.In these scams, fraudsters call or email and say they are from an agency like the IRS.

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Women are more likely than men to become fraud victims, partly because they live longer and partly because older women today may not have the financial knowledge to easily spot a scammer.Right now, one of the scams on the rise is the so-called sweetheart scam.Like younger folks, older Americans are increasingly using online dating sites, and those sites can open a window for scammers.These scammers find an older woman on a dating site and establish a bond.Often, they persuade the victim to take the conversation off the site, thereby eluding any safeguards the dating site offers.

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