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One Plus calls it Dash Charging, and like competing solutions from Qualcomm, Samsung, and others, it can recharge most of the phone’s battery in just a few minutes.Pei says the 3 can get "a day of use from half an hour" of charging.We’ve heard this pitch from Pei and One Plus before: the One Plus 2 was billed as a "2016 flagship killer" even though it was released in 2015.That phone showed promise, but lacked table stakes features such as quick charging and NFC.It’s an incredibly well-built device, with a unibody aluminum finish, tight tolerances, and good proportions.Unlike last year’s brick-like One Plus 2 or One Plus X that were rough around the edges, the 3 is comfortable to hold, thin without being thin, and agile when going in and out of my pocket."Our main customer base is early adopters," admits Pei."We’re shifting our thinking towards that and giving them what they’re asking for." Like the One Plus 2, the One Plus 3 charges through a USB Type-C port, but this time around, it also offers quick charging.

It’s by far my favorite hardware feature on the phone and something I wish all Android phones came equipped with.

We just couldn’t sell on an invite system at this point in the company’s history." The new phone is available direct from One Plus starting today, without requiring you to jump through any hoops to buy it.

No matter how it’s sold, the One Plus 3 might be the first affordable phone that truly makes good on the promise to be as great as the high-priced flagships from the likes of Samsung and HTC.

You might want something more pixel-dense for virtual reality, but for everything else you use a smartphone for, the One Plus 3’s screen is more than sufficient.

The next lesson One Plus learned for the 3: don’t omit useful hardware features.

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