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It has prompted a petition asking for the UK government to put pressure on Libya to stop enslavement of Africans.

So far more than 254,000 thousand people have signed it.

Her husband, Rob Johnson, 46, was convicted by a Circuit Court jury on Feb.

3 of 87 counts of the same charge and was sentenced last month to 87 consecutive life terms in prison.

From former US presidents to Nobel prize-winning scientists, Jeffrey Epstein had a rare knack for collecting acquaintances from the globe’s most powerful and rarefied walks of life.

The former Manhattan maths tutor turned multi-millionaire financier first became a fixture on the New York social scene in the early 1990s, amassing a list of contacts – from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump to Kevin Spacey – that competed only with his property portfolio in shiny exclusivity.

He told Premier: "Once people are aware of it they then need to do something about what they've seen because quite often, in this generation that we live in, we are quite moved by what we see but don't do anything."He said the three ways people can take action are:1. Make the choice to not buy from companies that use slavery in their supply chain.3.

Many of Epstein’s contacts rapidly disappeared when he became the subject of criminal proceedings that eventually resulted in 2008 in an 18-month jail term for soliciting prostitution with an underage girl after an 11-month police investigation.

The victim asked for Mc Cann to sentence Marie Johnson to “15 to 20 years with a long probation.”Assistant State Attorney Brandon White recommended 12 years in prison and 20 years’ probation, saying, “It was pretty clear that Rob Johnson was the mastermind and brainwashed both the wife and the victim.“She (Marie Johnson) had a duty legally and morally to stop it, and she didn’t,” White said.

Mc Cann, who presided over Rob Johnson’s trial, said he considered Marie Johnson’s corroborating testimony may have been crucial in getting her husband convicted. Even the brainwashing doesn’t excuse you.”Mc Cann recalled a couple of key pieces of testimony from that trial that stuck with him.“You physically threatened the victim to put her in foster care if she didn’t have sex with your husband,” he told Marie Johnson.

She said Rob Johnson cited to her Old Testament references to men having multiple wives and that he called her his second wife.

With the victim listening on the phone Friday, Marie Johnson tearfully read a prepared statement in which she asked for “a chance to prove to you that I am not the person that has been portrayed.”The victim, now 22 and living out of state, testified by telephone Friday, saying, “Marie should have protected me like one of her own children. In fact, she did quite the opposite.”Treasure Coast Newspapers does not identify by name victims of sexual abuse.

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