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When auditions were announced in May, a rep from the company said they were seeking outdoorsy, colorful candidates with a fondness for big trucks, guns, speedway racing, horseback riding and hiking. 5 at the Jaycee Community Building in Huntsville, and eight women evidently stood out from the crowd. I was born and raised in Battleground, AL as an only child and I had the perfect childhood.

We're not sure if the series will get picked up by a network, but for now, let's settle for an introduction to the fledgling stars of "Redneck Housewives." Here are their photos, RHOAL bios and audition videos. I was the biggest daddy’s girl and he was my hero, but unfortunately, when I was 12 years old, my father passed away in an auto accident.

Subject to the terms and conditions stated in this limited warranty, Redneck Trailer Supplies will replace or provide an appropriate allowance for any Arisun Series tire sold and used in the United States and/or Canada that fails due to a defect in material and/or workmanship for a period of three (3) years from date of purchase.

They're a product of their raising; they say "Hey, y'all" and "Yee-haw." They keep Christmas lights on the front porch all year long, and they know all the words to every ol' Bocephus song.

My mother Loretta raised me to be a strong independent woman.

She has taught me so much about life and I could never be more grateful.

After that first date, as funny as it may seem, I knew he was my one.

I also gained two older sisters, Erika and Amber, whom I consider some of my best friends.

And the answer is, yes there are "do not date" men, especially if you truly want to get married and not waste time on "maybes." Many women will rationalize that ask yourself if your guy is on it. He "seems" committed and ready to go the distance, but he never does. However, what are these gifts replacing or covering up? They might do it occasionally in their heads but they certainly don't do it out loud and they certainly don't do it all the time.

My biggest concern with this guy is who will get him to actually commit when he never has with any of the others? Comes On Too Fast Too Quickly- This guy met you yesterday and talks about moving in together today. Ask yourself- Do you feel like you will be his future or will "she" be coming back? Controlfreak- This guy has and that makes him want to control everything, including your life.

We reckon that just about everybody has a little redneck in ‘em. Y’see, you might have a secret addiction to NASCAR or you might have a tattoo of Dale Jr. But to find out how redneck you really are, you best be fixin’ to take this here quiz!

As a Professional Matchmaker and founder of The Dating Lounge app, I am constantly being asked if there are certain types of men that a woman simply should not date. Serial Monogamist- This guy goes from relationship to relationship but never winds up marrying anyone. Don't rationalize that all men compare their present gals to their ex's because they do NOT.

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