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Because it sure feels like the fall of 2005: Bright young star is built up at CNN as the next big thing, while older, established network stalwart, on the job in earnest since September 11, 2001, is shunted aside with ostentatious silence from the brass and hushed whispers from everyone else. Today, it's the story of Paula Zahn's wholly unsurprising resignation from CNN amid the hoopla of Campbell Brown's ascendancy — but it might as well be the tale of Aaron Brown being not-so-subtly shoved out in favor of Anderson Cooper just over a year and a half ago.What they both have in common: The utter lack of grace and class on the part of CNN, transparently elbowing yesterday's stars out of the way for the newer, younger model.But the uncool and ungraceful way in which Zahn has been frozen out should be a warning sign for Brown on the way in: Sure, Jon Klein said yesterday that "Campbell stands out in this business as an impressive anchor with a distinctive ability to connect with viewers," but back in 2002, it was Zahn who was being pushed as the smart hottie on the block: "'What other morning show has a host who is brilliant, super smart — and sexy?'" Ratings can be fickle — and so too can be Jon Klein.You would think that CNN would have learned a thing or two after Aaron Brown's embarrassing ouster — embarrassing for CNN, that is, given the classless , very public way the matter was handled.You'd think that they might have been reminded by Brown's re-emergence after his contract with CNN had expired.An autopsy revealed Shauna had been stabbed more than 70 times.As police work to crack the case they uncover an important clue in Shauna's journal.

Detectives believed that the key to solving the mystery were calls made to a telephone dating service, from Jackie's cell phone...after her death.

But now that's not possible (even with Zahn's classy farewell email praising her colleagues and the network) — Zahn may well be looking forward to taking a break "for the first time in 30 years, but after the way this thing played out onlookers can only assume that that's the last thing she really wanted.

For someone who has been a star at the network for six years, it's a lousy way to send her out.

Upon his return, he found Dianna brutally assaulted in the bedroom.

As doctors fought to save her life, Dianna lost the baby and fell into a coma. During her long and painful recovery, Dianna regained her memory and said her husband was responsible for the terrible crime. Location: was already on track for a storybook life.

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