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In most cases the interior side of a door matches its exterior side but, in some other cases, there are sharp contrasts between the two sides, such as in the case of a vehicle door.

The earliest in records are those represented in the paintings of the Egyptian tombs, in which they are shown as single or double doors, each in a single piece of wood.

The horizontal cross pieces are the top rail, bottom rail, and middle or intermediate rails.

A 5,000-year-old door has been found by archaeologists in Switzerland. high; they were encased with bronze bands or strips, 10 in.The ancient Greek and Roman doors were either single doors, double doors, triple doors, sliding doors or folding doors, in the last case the leaves were hinged and folded back.In Eumachia, is a painting of a door with three leaves.In the tomb of Theron at Agrigentum there is a single four-panel door carved in stone.In the Blundell collection is a bas-relief of a temple with double doors, each leaf with five panels.

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