But when it was still just he and his lonesome after ~50 albums, he ditched the "Group" and continued to churn out songs at a record-setting pace as "Vernon Howl." In 2014, Guiness™ confirmed he was the World Record holder for "most songs ever written all-time" (100,000 and counting). In addition to being the most prolific songwriter to ever walk the earth, Vernon is a gifted author, website developer, entrepreneur, ace content creator, top-notch blogger, visual artist and dog training expert (among other things). His email and paypal is vernonhowl-at-gmail if you wish to send him electrionic mail or electronic money or electronic eels.Vernon currently lives alone in a modest apartment in the small town of Anaconda, Montana.groups, Decaf Spoon (defunct) and Love Funeral (indefinite hiatus).Vernon called his personal project The Vernon Howl Group because for many years he was confident he'd meet likeminded musicians to collaborate with, thus validating the monicker.and began releasing music records as The Vernon Howl Group.

This makes a fascinating study for canonists, and is also of potential interest to diocesan bishops in places where, because expanding or shifting populations are presenting difficulties or impossibilities in the delivery of pastoral care through the existing established parishes, such structures which are “not yet parishes” could be useful to consider.

Deathtrap Man Writes the Ultimate Party Anthem [] 24.

Specifically, that splendid feeling of murderous jealously, set to the dulcet tunes of midi-synth and bad-kooky vocal FX. Buy it now for only and get a mystery gift free custom song written just for you.

Notes[1] For a fairly exhaustive survey of the available commentary on the subject of the quasi-parish see John Renken, “The Quasi-Parish: A Definite Community of the Christian Faithful in a Particular Church,” in , commissioned by the Canon Law Society of America, New York and Mahwah, NJ, Paulist Press, 2000, p.

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