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Therefore, the two of us, accompanied by Andy Biggin, immediately and figuratively set sails to Canada to kick-start the first phase of our projects. Henry Halls’ studies of the Franklin- and Grenville-Dykes, our journey’s first stop had to be his lab at University of Toronto!

While his studies focussed on determining the ancient field directions to gain knowledge about the palaeolocation of Laurentia, my research will deal mostly with palaeointensities of the Ediacaran period (635-541Ma).

Now, back in the lab, we have started the first measurements and are excited to uncover the rocks’ last secrets.

It’s that chance for a Palaeomagnetist to get from behind the desk and into, perhaps, a part of the world they have not seen before.

Also, we do NOT backlight specimens to enhance their clarity.

They are just as the camera captures them (point and click).

A previous study had been carried out by Dr Phil Mc Causland in 2002 who, amongst other things, was interested in the ancient direction of the field.

Pyrite from Navajun, La Rioja, Spain...large matrix specimen of higher quality than I have seen in quite awhile.It’s a chance to see the ancient rocks in their natural environment and the opportunity to be at the very start of project at the data collection stage; the results of which will hopefully provide brand new information to the scientific community and indeed the world. This is part of a DEEP Ph D project, in which we are trying to determine the strength of Earth’s ancient magnetic field at a time between 5 million years ago.The first stage involves collecting rock samples from igneous events which occurred during this time period, many of which can be found in Canada.It was great to see the lovely skyline and the CN Tower (shown in the picture below) while every other person was dressed in blue, thanks to a home game of the Toronto Blue Jays.At this point we would like to express our gratitude to Henry Halls, Phil Mc Causland and Joe Hodych for their help and contributions to get us started in our projects.

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