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If there's one thing that being in interracial relationships all my life has taught me, it's patience.

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See above: by refusing to see others for who they are and defining them by stereotypes, we are dehumanizing them.It's hurtful; it's an offbeat way of telling us that our chances are slim because it's just weird and abnormal that we're even together in the first place.The miscegenation of our society may seem to be growing at a steady rate based on how often we've been talking about race lately. Interracial relationships represent approximately seven percent of couples in the country, which is incredible progress considering they represented just .07 percent in 1960.Worse than the comments, though, are the questions — because those require answers.Dumb statements, I can just deflect by changing the subject to Hillary Clinton or Jon Snow — but that's not possible when an inquiry is hanging over your head and everyone at the dinner table is waiting for your response.

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