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And are you walking the talk, or do men see right away that you don’t really expect them to treat you like the unique and precious being that you are.

The Rules provide us with simple behavior modeling.

Read more about keeping it real with The Rules here.

Don't give up—over time, any woman can put healthy boundaries in place in every part of her life. Because we relate to men in a way they truly desire.

I can help you date for marriage and lasting love, as well.

Aside from spending time with my husband and children, nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping my clients find the love they deserve.

The hustle and energy that attracts career success might bring you short-term entanglements (non-relationships), but it hardly ever leads to long-term romance.

Be a proactive opportunity-seeker at work, and leave the warrior spirit at the office or the gym.

Did you know that you are more likely to attract a quality match if you dial down your energy and adopt a more relaxed approach to dating? The official rules of dating are collected in the best-selling relationship book, The Rules, by authors Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. If you're new to I believe that you must always be authentic and real to attract healthy love, and I incorporate many complementary strategies into my approach.

Behind-the-scenes as you get ready to go on stage, run a webinar, etc 27.

Live stream an event or conference (make sure this is okay before you do it, always ask permission) 26. Share a case study of a client of yours (with their permission) 40.

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