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He hides himself in a bunker with his childhood friend Aparna (Apu/Opu).While hiding, he begins to reflect on his past hopes and dreams.The story goes to a flashback to narrate the events that happened 10 years ago.In 1930, Surya Sen and his followers are protesting the death of the revolutionary Jatin Das.Soon after revolutionaries disperse in smaller groups, to nearby villages.

Chittagong is the story of a diffident 14-year-old boy, Jhunku (Delzad Hiwale).

After a prolonged search, police search and arrests Master Da Surya Sen and sentences him to death by hanging.

Thus Jhunku ends narrating the part and says that he was released in 1939 and again participated in the uprisings with Aparna.

Knowing of the army attack, the revolutionaries leave town before dawn and march towards the Jalalabad hill ranges, looking for a safe place.

But the British Army's first wave is demolished by Masterda's teenagers.

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