Can atheist dating christian

Relationships are built on respect and care, and if that's something you have then you are doing well.

Being nice to each other a great indication of a good relationship, but there can still be some warning bells.

Watch out for a partner who refuses to allow your atheist books in the house, disallows you to go to atheist meetings, who forces you to come to religious worship, who tells you (with no remorse) that you deserve Hell, or doesn't allow you to talk about religion to the family.

Those are all kinds of controlling behaviors, and abuse is about control.

They might be considering getting more serious, or they might be already married with kids in the mix.

It's always tricky to offer relationship advice on a problem that has been building and building.

The circumstances are frequently different: the atheist might have started out as a believer, or there might have been a known philosophical difference from the start.This may sound strange, but dwelling on the past is not healthy, even if the past is positive.You need to be addressing the issues as they are now. Is the religion issue making one of you hostile or walled off?Are you afraid of hostility or being shut-out if you were honest? Don't consider how the relationship was years or months ago, and guiltily linger on that.Relationships should be continually developing and loving and giving, not something that just cuts off after a certain amount of time.

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