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These provide fun asides whilst you’re waiting for a reply, and you can choose to share your results with others. This is really great to see because it means you can find intellectual dates without having to pay anything.

Balancing off against the relatively low membership numbers, we think that it’s definitely worth signing up and checking out if you’re someone who looks for a stimulating talk about the world and the world of dating.

I recently came across Sapio: and was wondering if it was true sapiosexual dating or just a marketing effort. He was so cool to be a nerd, but so sad on Nimoy’s passing out of this planet.

Without positive relationships in our lives there can be plenty of chaos and unhappiness.

You can include extra information if you wish, which can also be used to help find matches based on your personal preferences.

Our test searches provided an acceptable number of results, but you probably won’t be inundated with messages because there aren’t large numbers of members in each area.

Brainiac is a dating and social network where intelligent, educated people can share thoughts, ideas, chat with one another, and possibly meet a “brainy” soul mate.

There's already a lively community of smart men and women there on the site to be discovered.

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