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It got to the mini-island and slammed its brakes on (due to the usual confusion at that island probably) and was rear-ended by a car. Planning permission applications; 377 Witton Lodge Road Erdington, Birmingham B23 5LH - Erection of two storey side extension & porch canopy to front - 2016/08369/PA 252 Gravelly Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B23 5SB - Change of use from A1 (Retail) to A5 (Take-away) and erection of fist floor side and two single storey side extensions - 2016/07100/PA Our local Tory cllrs are opposing that second one - https:// Nextdoor phone app - free, private social network for your neighbourhood.

It is the best way for you and your neighbours to hear whats happening in your local community.

q=prs Pmb GT_k7zyenhpl0b RMJm7OPs U4SBw Mb3o4ysa Y0Cs Th5h BPe FR_Xxr Ax B8rqg Hiy149Ku Y7X-o WBg3_O_NNl UBKqc KIr SVxx1t NYocyi2CZLjyv2m Umle Pd Swasvd6RCeiimb LCBwmj8br9XO-JBu7Zgd C7EP0Mq-g4_GNA,&h=wz3xrany Y-Ex4r Lh0d3zmf HAXy M,&t=59ad8f14 Lamp P2 Somerton Drive is out - has been for some months apparently.

Council update - "One of my Street Lighting Team has now assessed the street light in question.

Cars are swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid the potholes making it very dangerous for road users - There is a mattress and other rubbish in The Spinney - From Erdington Conservatives; "We have recently been informed that the Labour controlled City Council are putting together proposals to build on yet more of Erdington's green open space.

The area they are looking to build on is the public open space between Kirkwood Avenue and Littlecote Drive.

Please note that we will need to close Court Lane (Chester Rd end) to all through traffic during this time - https:// Hello Erdington is a scheme started by The REP Theatre to develop closer relationships with the Erdington community.

The Council's house building body, Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust, has expressed an interest in building houses for potential sale or rent - we do not believe that this is appropriate.This area is where Birmingham trees for life have planted tress in recent years.Robert on a recent visit to the public open space off Kirkwood Avenue.The Rose And Crown pub is now called Rosey Macs - https:// Alley Boarded Up Clean up requested of Dean Road, Oliver Road, Johnson Road - New 65 bus timetable - major project to regenerate Perry Common has taken a step nearer completion with the beginning of the final phase of the development.More - The Tories have got new lamps for Jarvis Road/Norfolk Road and had a clean up of The Ring/Witton Lodge Road.

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