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Companies in these industries have been forced to experiment and introduce new technologies and business models, not just to compete, but to survive.While most organizations possess a general awareness of the importance and necessity of disruptive innovation and change in general, there is a gap when it comes to understanding the deeper leadership qualities necessary for driving them.I have developed five strategies to address the inherent uncertainty of disruptive innovation and change.

Many executives rise through the ranks of management, where predictability and control are valued and rewarded.

But few leaders are formally prepared to deal with the realities of leading or responding to disruption.

This article highlights the key dynamics involved in leading disruptive innovation.

But leading disruptive innovation requires new mindsets and behaviours, for leaders themselves and for the organizations that develop them.

This author describes the qualities and competencies required for leading disruptive innovation Disruptive innovation that transforms or creates new markets has become the Holy Grail for many companies.

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