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Although this year's Best Actor Oscar went to Colin Firth, James Franco could have easily taken home the award for his work in is one nail-biting human drama you have to see.

It'll change your outlook on the fragile nature of life and the extremes we'll go to in order to survive.

And I am so proud of the fact that I believe in their love story.

Whether or not it’s the definitive exploration of unconditional love. I don’t know enough about the world, and I don’t know enough about film to say that.

"I thought it was going to be tough," the recent Oscar ceremonies co-host admits.

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I thought there was so much potential in the story. And then, of course, when I started imagining her with Jake, it became intoxicating." Bonus Features: Funny Extended Deleted Scenes; Actor’s Discussion: "The Relationship Between Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway," "Beautifully Complex: Anne Hathaway Describes Maggie," "Reformed Womanizer: Jake Gyllenhaal is Jamie" and " -- actor James Franco delivers an incredible performance as Aron Ralston, the real-life mountaineer/outdoorsman who gets trapped under a boulder while hiking in Utah.I don't think anyone ever doubted Swift and Gyllenhaal were a couple, but now we pretty much have proof.I hope this doesn't ruin Hathaway's friendship with Swift or Gyllenhaal.But I really doubt that, because Swift is all about supporting other women in the entertainment industry.Instead, they'll probably just have a chat and then we'll all notice that Hathaway joined Swift's "squad."Whatever happens, I just have one thing to say: Thanks for spilling the beans, Anne.

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